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Investment Promotion & Development

Investment Promotion &
Business Development

Enhancing the Local Business Environment of Negros Oriental is a critical initiative aimed at fostering a favorable atmosphere for businesses in the region.

It recognizes that a vibrant and transparent business climate is instrumental in attracting both local and external investments.

  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Investor Outreach
  • Investor Support and Facilitation
  • Incentive Programs
  • Screening and Negotiation

NOCCI Investment Potential

NOCCI's Investment Promotion and Business Development

Multifaceted approach involves various strategies and activities aimed at attracting and supporting investments

Marketing and Promotion

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Investor Outreach

  • Direct Mailing:
    NOCCI may reach out to potential investors through direct mail, sharing investment opportunities and the advantages of the region as an investment location.

  • Investment Seminars, Roadshows, Forums, and Missions:
    Hosting and participating in events like seminars, roadshows, forums, and trade missions allow NOCCI to showcase investment potential and engage with investors directly.

  • Trade Exhibitions and Expositions:
    These events provide a platform for NOCCI to exhibit local businesses, industries, and investment opportunities to a broader audience.
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Investor Support & Facilitation

  • Identifying Potential Investors:
    NOCCI actively identifies potential investors by researching industries that align with the region's strengths and potential for growth.

  • Matching Investors with Local Partners:
    NOCCI plays a pivotal role in connecting potential investors with local partners or collaborators, facilitating collaborations that can benefit both parties.

  • Investor Facilitation and Servicing:
    This includes providing a range of services to assist investors throughout their investment journey. This can involve helping with permits, licenses, regulatory compliance, and offering guidance on various aspects of doing business locally.

  • Post-Investment Services:
    After investors have committed to the region, NOCCI continues to provide support and resources to ensure their success. This may involve helping them navigate local business conditions, connecting them with industry networks, and assisting with any challenges that arise during their operations.
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Incentive Programs

NOCCI may offer incentives to attract and retain investors. This could involve tax incentives, land grants, or financial assistance, depending on the region's economic development goals and available resources.

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Screening & Negotiation

NOCCI takes an active role in screening potential investors to ensure their alignment with the region's economic and environmental goals. Once a suitable match is found, negotiations take place to finalize investment terms and conditions.

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