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Enhancing the Local Business Environment

Enhancing the Local Business Environment

Enhancing the Local Business Environment of Negros Oriental is a critical initiative aimed at fostering a favorable atmosphere for businesses in the region.

It recognizes that a vibrant and transparent business climate is instrumental in attracting both local and external investments.

  • Ease in Opening a Business
  • Cost of Doing Business
  • Adequacy of Infrastructure
  • Banking Services
  • Policy Advocacy
  • Collaboration with Partner Agencies
  • Promoting LGU and NGA Improvements

Driving Sustainable Economic Growth

Enhancing the Local Business Environment

NOCCI aims to make the business climate in the region more attractive, efficient, and conducive to investment. By addressing factors like ease of starting a business, cost-effectiveness, infrastructure, banking services, and advocating for favorable policies, NOCCI contributes to the economic growth and prosperity of the region while fostering a welcoming environment for both local and outside investors.

Ease in Opening a Business

Simplifying and expediting the process of starting a business is crucial. This involves working closely with Local Government Units (LGUs) to improve the procedures for business permits and licensing.

It also addresses the need to enhance the customer service provided by both LGUs and National Government Agencies (NGAs) involved in processing permits and other requirements. This streamlined approach reduces bureaucratic hurdles and encourages entrepreneurship.

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Cost of Doing Business

Keeping the cost of conducting business reasonable is essential for attracting and retaining enterprises.

NOCCI may engage in advocacy efforts and policy initiatives to reduce unnecessary costs and promote cost-effective business practices.

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Adequacy of Infrastructure

Adequate infrastructure is a cornerstone of a thriving business environment. This includes reliable transportation, communication networks, and amenities.

NOCCI may collaborate with relevant authorities to advocate for the development and maintenance of such infrastructure to ensure the seamless operation of businesses.

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Banking Services

Access to banking services is pivotal for businesses. NOCCI can work to assess the extent and quality of banking services available in the region.

If necessary, they may partner with financial institutions to improve access to capital and financial services for local businesses.

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Policy Advocacy

NOCCI can play a significant role in advocating for policies that support the enhancement of the local business environment.

This may involve lobbying for business-friendly regulations, tax incentives, and other measures that attract investments and reduce administrative burdens.

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Collaboration with Partner Agencies

NOCCI collaborates with various partner agencies to achieve these objectives. This collaborative effort ensures that the enhancements to the local business environment are comprehensive and address a wide range of issues.

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Promoting LGU & NGA Improvements

One specific area of focus involves encouraging LGUs and NGAs to improve their business permits and licensing services.

This may include engaging in dialogue, offering recommendations, and supporting training programs for government personnel to enhance their service delivery.

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