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The Voice of Business
in Negros Oriental

The Negros Oriental Chamber of Commerce & Industry (NOCCI) is evolving to address the dynamic business landscape. It offers a range of services to its members and collaborates on local business development initiatives.

Its key programs include promoting investments, improving the local business environment, supporting SMEs, and fostering organizational growth and capability building.

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Ease of doing business

NOCCI willl help develop you and your business thru trainings, active business forums that get you to know about your business environment, the better your chances of excelling in the emerging international market of Negros Oriental.

Investment Promotion

NOCCI is committed to actively promoting investments, creating an environment conducive to business growth, and attracting both domestic and foreign investors. It takes on the responsibility of highlighting the advantages of investing in its region.

Networking with
Government Agencies

NOCCI engages in strategic networking with a spectrum of government agencies, at various levels, to establish fruitful partnerships.

This collaboration is pivotal in ensuring a seamless regulatory environment, as well as advocating for policy changes that benefit the business community.
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Our Partner Industries

NOCCI's multifaceted activities go beyond mere investment promotion and servicing.
It encompasses a broader mission that revolves around fostering an environment conducive to business, fostering government collaborations, and actively advocating for policies that benefit and nurture a vibrant investment ecosystem in Negros Oriental.

Academe &

Banking &

Call Center

Construction &
Real Estate

Energy &


I.T. &

Justice &

Logistic &

Medical &
Health Groups

Retail &

Travel &

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Access to Incentives

NOCCI may offer information on incentives and benefits available for businesses in Negros Oriental, such as tax incentives and government grants, helping you maximize the financial advantages of your investments.
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Networking & Partnerships

Chamber membership opens the door to valuable networking opportunities with fellow members, government officials, industry experts, and potential collaborators.
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Advocacy & Representation

NOCCI advocates for the interests of its members, ensuring that your concerns are heard and addressed at the regional and national levels. NOCCI actively engages with policymakers, advocating for business-friendly policies and regulations.
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NOCCI awards

The Negros Oriental Chamber of Commerce & Industry (NOCCI) has been undergoing progressive changes to meet and adapt to the demand of the ever changing business environment.
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2015 Most outstanding Chamber of Commerce in Visayas & in the Philippines

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2016 Best Local Chamber of Commerce in Asia Pacific

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2016 Most outstanding Chamber of Commerce in Visayas & in the Philippines

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2017 Philippine
Hall of Fame

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2017 Most outstanding Chamber of Commerce in Visayas & in the Philippines

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Finalist, 2017
World Chamber Awards Competition