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The momentum of business in the Philippines has grown exponentially, as one of the premiere places to invest in, NOCCI willl help develop you and your business thru trainings,active business forums that get you to know about your business environment, the better your chances of excelling in the emerging international market of Negros Oriental.

NOCCI offers a variety of value-added services to all local and international investors, business organizations and individuals.

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Why Become a NOCCI Member?

Negros Oriental Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NOCCI), brings a multitude of advantages and opportunities for local and international investors, business organizations, and individuals. These benefits are instrumental in facilitating growth, development, and success in the dynamic business environment of the Philippines, particularly in Negros Oriental.

NOCCI's chamber membership offers a comprehensive package of benefits that cater to the diverse needs of investors, business organizations, and individuals. These advantages range from skill development and networking opportunities to exposure in international markets, policy advocacy, and access to valuable resources. Chamber membership can be a strategic move for those looking to thrive in Negros Oriental's burgeoning business landscape.

Business Development Opportunities

Training and Skill Enhancement

NOCCI provides its members with access to training programs, workshops, and educational resources. These offerings are designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of business owners and employees, enabling them to stay competitive and adapt to changing market conditions.

Active Business Forums

Membership in NOCCI grants you access to active business forums and discussions. These forums serve as platforms for members to exchange ideas, share insights, and stay informed about the local and global business environment. The networking opportunities in these forums are invaluable for making new connections and staying up-to-date with industry trends.

Knowledge of Local Business Environment

NOCCI can provide you with a deep understanding of the local business landscape in Negros Oriental. This knowledge is essential for making informed business decisions and seizing opportunities in a rapidly evolving market.

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International Market Exposure

Emerging International Market of Negros Oriental:

As an investor or business organization, gaining insights into emerging international markets is crucial. NOCCI can help you navigate the burgeoning international market in Negros Oriental, ensuring that you are well-positioned to explore new opportunities and expand your reach beyond local boundaries.

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Value-Added Services

Networking and Partnerships

 Chamber membership opens the door to valuable networking opportunities with fellow members, government officials, industry experts, and potential collaborators. These connections can lead to strategic partnerships, new clients, and business growth.

Advocacy and Representation

NOCCI advocates for the interests of its members, ensuring that your concerns are heard and addressed at the regional and national levels. The chamber actively engages with policymakers, advocating for business-friendly policies and regulations.

Business Promotion and Recognition

NOCCI often promotes its members' businesses, providing exposure through the chamber's platforms and events. This visibility can lead to increased brand recognition and new customer acquisitions.

Access to Resources

Members gain access to valuable resources, including market research, industry reports, and business tools. These resources empower you with the information needed to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

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Investment Facilitation

Support for Investors

For investors, NOCCI's membership can provide crucial support in understanding local investment opportunities, regulatory requirements, and potential partners. The chamber's assistance can significantly streamline the investment process.

Access to Incentives

NOCCI may offer information on incentives and benefits available for businesses in Negros Oriental, such as tax incentives and government grants, helping you maximize the financial advantages of your investments.

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Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainable Business Practices

NOCCI may promote sustainable business practices, helping members adopt eco-friendly approaches that align with global sustainability trends. This not only benefits the environment but also enhances your company's reputation and marketability.

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